2013 Championship

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tuesday Night

Dues were collected for the remainder of 2010 at the "pro-rated" sum of $5.00. Sal Mancuso, pictured on the left, became our first "Life Time Member"; presenting Steve with a check for $100.00. I am sincerely hopeful that Sal gets his moneys worth!

New member Brad Clark paid up for 2010 and generously told Johnny to donate his entry fee for the Back To School Tournament to a scholastic player in the event he can't get away Saturday.

Joe Farrell retook the lead in the 2010 Championship by half a point as he and Johnny Owens tied for first with 2.5 points while Ernie suffered one of those bad outings we all have on occasion.

All in all a good turn out with 10 players. The Championship should be updated by tomorrow.

Reminder; we will vote on the Ladder next week, if you have any ideas be ready put them up for consideration.

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