2013 Championship

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Club Ladder

Last night we started the Club Ladder; active members names were placed in a box and drawn alternately by Sal and Andrew Lee. For the record; initial placement was as follows:

1. Brad Clark
2. Jerry Weldin
3. Joe Farrell
4. Steve Parsons
5. Sal Mancuso
6. Claney Soileau
7. Johnny Owens
8. Bob Kilmer
9. Kerry Fatula
10. Steff Clayton
11. Andrew Lee
12. Nick Folino
13. Gelvic Cubar
14. Andrew Preston
15. Ernie Weaver

The following "Ladder Games" were played; (R) after a game indicates a rated game.
Parsons strangled Weldin (R)
Owens beat Mancuso (R)
Kilmer schooled Lee
Cubar outfoxed Fatula (R)

The current ladder is now:

1. Clark
2. Parsons
3. Weldin
4. Farrell
5. Owens
6. Mancuso
7. Soileau
8. Kilmer
9. Cubar
10. Fatula
11. Clayton
12. Lee
13. Folino
14. Preston
15. Weaver


Jerry said...

Stan Mullins has signed up for rung #16 and Rudy McKinney has claimed the #17 spot.

Johnny said...

Stan will need to renew his USCF membership in order to play rated ladder games!

Bradley said...

If I don't show up then nobody can knock me off my number one spot on the ladder. Right? hehe

Brad Clark

I will be there. Looking forward to the challengers.

Bradley said...

I guess when a man hits the bottom there is no where else to go but up, but when your on top, there is no where else to go but down. hehe Not sure where the best spot is.


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