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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Entertainment Journey

John Coffey our member in Utah is in frequent contact and recently sent me the above mate in two problem. The first to comment with a correct solution will win a chess score book; NO COMPUTERS!

John's web site, Entertainment Journey has a lot to offer in the way of chess instructions. One of it's features is problem solving featuring 1, 2, and 3 move problems; both with white to move and black to move.

John recommends solving the problems on a regular basis with the goal of beating your previous time by 1 minute. This will help improve your tactics and build up your pattern recognition. You may want to stick to the 1 and 2 movers for a start as John has found a few notation errors and other problems with the 3 movers that he is fixing as time permits.


Ernie said...

1.Rg7 looks like it forces mate by zugzwang.

A) 1...Kc8 2.Ra8#

B) 1...Ke8 2.Rg8#

C) 1...Nf7 2.Rg8#

D) 1...Nb7 2.Ra8#

E) 1...Ne8 2.Ra8#

F) 1...Nc8 2.Rg8#

G) 1...N(any other move) 2.Rg8#/Ra8#

Jerry said...

That's what I came up with. I'll bring the score book to the meeting Tuesday. Now try to beat John's time of 33 minutes for solving all the white to move problems.

John Coffey said...

There are only a couple of problems with the 3 movers on my site. I did not mean that they should be avoided.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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