2013 Championship

Monday, September 6, 2010

KCA Web Site Make Over Is First Class!

Let there be light! KCA's web site has made a marvelous transformation and all involved can be proud!

If you haven't visited the KCA web site lately you are in for a pleasant surprise. The old features have been brought into the 20th Century and new features have been added. Kudos to Ryan and his team. Check out the Blog and see who you recognize; the first person to comment with the name of one of our E-town members will win a chess score book.

I have added a link to the KCA site in the right margin for your convenience. KCA has a link to this (our) site similarly placed so you can "toggle" between sites if you desire. I highly recommend that you visit the site and become a member.


Stephanie said...

I want my free book!!! The new site is awesome.

Jerry said...

I guess Gelvic doesn't read the Blog. I am awarding a score book to both Stephanie and Kerry; they both e-mailed me with the correct answer. Gelvic appeared in the "Monday at Meijer" post on the KCA Blog.

Amback said...

I figured that I would let someone else answer first. Thanks for the kind words.

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