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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sal Is Hospitalized

As those of you who attended last night's meeting are aware; Sal was admitted to Hardin Memorial yesterday. I have not been free to visit personally but have talked to him twice via cell phone and got an update from Rudy who was able to pay a visit today.

Sal is still in Room # 4-11; there is no definitive diagnoses at this time. Presently Sal is unable to move one leg and the other is in excruciating pain. The doctors are keeping him pretty well medicated; so Rudy advises that visitors call before they go. He got a shot just before I called him this afternoon and he had to terminate the call because he was "in La La land".

The Club sends it's get well wishes to Sal and his family I'm sure Sal will be his "feisty old self" in no time.


Jerry said...

I have been unable to visit Sal due to my own situation over the last few days. I talked with Sal today (Monday 13 Sept) after the pain meds subsided from my 3 hour root canal; he is still in room 4-11 bed #2.

His situation hasn't changed much; pain management seems to be the present course of theropy.

I relayed a message from Stephanie and Sal actually broke out in laughter; he can't wait to get back into action and whip her Bardstown b---!

Sal would welcome a visit or call; his cell phone number is 270-734-2131.

Jerry said...

Sal was released from the hospital today Wednesday, 15 September 2010.