2013 Championship

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladder Games

Eight players came to waltz with the wood last night as the Club welcomed back Tanner Norris after a two year absence. Tanner is a Senior this year at Central and has eliminated his transportation difficulties by getting his drivers license. Tanner is a paid up Club member and now occupies rung #20 on the Club Ladder. Bob Kilmer provided the opposition in Tanner's "welcome back" game.

Four ladder games were played with Jerry Weldin wrestling away Brad Clark's hold on the #1 rung and then successfully defending it against Gelvic Cubar who gained the #2 spot with a draw.

All ladder games were rated except for Weldin vs Clark; here are the results:
Weldin outlasted Clark
Weaver rooked Cubar
Owens finessed Fatula
Weldin drew Cubar

Don't forget the Louisville Open this weekend. My wife is going through a difficult period right now and I may not be able to make it; good luck to all who get to play.