2013 Championship

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three Out Of Four

A Ladder Rule weakness was revealed last night as three out of the four Ladder Games played had to wait until after 7:30pm to start.

Gelvic Cubar (#8), challenged Johnny Owens (#5) and their game began at 7pm. At 7:30 the remaining six players reshuffled challenges as potential opponents failed to appear on the battle field. When the dust had settled the following games were contested: Cubar (#8) rooked Owens (#5), Fatula (#11) stopped Brock (#19), Weldin (#3) held off Lee (#12), and Weaver (#15) vanquished Parsons (#2). With the exception of Weaver vs Parsons, all the games were rated.

Sal called me from Hardin Memorial Hospital to report that he was in room #11 on the fourth floor. All I know at this time is that Sal reported he could not use one of his legs and was in quite a bit of pain. I'll try to get an update on his situation today.

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