2013 Championship

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Farrell vs Weaver 10-11-11

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I haven't fed this game to Fritz yet, but we need some comments.
Johnny, you certainly know the opening better than we played it.
Jerry, you're just the man to review the tactics.
my quick comments. I think that Ernie should have played c5 earlier and also needed to take the Knight as soon as it got to e5.
I looked at other moves besides 11Nxf7 but I thought the sac wouldn't be there again.
I calculated as far as my playing 14 Re1 and then looked at Ernie playing Bd8 and Bd5. I was confident that white wins against both, but I did not consider 14 Be4 until he played it.


Jerry said...

Joe, here are my comments for what they are worth:
7. ...c4 would have been my preference here as it should lead to the "open position" I prefer.
10. ...Nxe5 11.dxe5 Nd5 is also more to my liking.
12. ...Bd5 would have led to interesting play leaving Black with the attack at the cost of a pawn.
14.Nh6+ was the move I saw during the game (Johnny and I had finished our game early). Play would continue 14. ...gxh6 15.Bxh6 and if 15. ...Bd5 16.Bxd5 in my opinion 14.Nh6+ wins.

Joe F said...

I looked at 14 Nh6+ and also Bf6 at the time but couldn't see past
14 Nh6+ gxh6
15 Bxh6 Qxh6
16 Qxf7+ Kh8
I thought now what? and I couldn't see anything clearly and passed it up. I still don't see a clear path, but it's that fearless and intuitive leap that makes Jerry so dangerous.
In hindsight, I should have played 17 Qxa7 and it would have been a little easier for me.

Jerry said...

Joe is right; in my haste to get out a comment I didn't look past move #14. Knocking off the Queen side pawns would have been better. I relooked and couldn't find a knock-out tactical move.

Ernie said...

I thought 10...Nxe5 gave white a better position so I decided to "allow" 11.Nxf7 because I thought it was defendable. According to Houdini, I played the best moves up through move 11. 12...Qf8 is where it said I goofed, giving white almost a pawn advantage--12...Qe8 was dead even. 14...Ba6 or 14...b5 is best to force exchanges starting with 15.Qxf7+, where white only has a slight advantage. 14...Be4 was interesting but still a blunder causing me to lose even more material.

With that said, there is a question as to the most practical way to play, which can be different from what the computer suggests. Maybe 10...Nxe5 was the best way for me to play it, requiring less calculation and time. It will be interesting to see what Dan says about it.

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