2013 Championship

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sal Upsets Rudy In Game/75 Tourney!!

Tonight Gelvic was a no-show, so Rudy stepped-in to ensure we didn't have someone with a bye. Sal went on to upset him and win his first game in the tourney.

In the other games, Kerry beat Amy and Johnny and Ernie's game ended in a draw.

After 4 rounds:
Johnny has 2.5-1.5
Gelvic has 1.5-1.5
Ernie has 1.5-1.5
Kerry has 1.5-2.5
Mark A. has 1.0-0.0
Amy has 1.0-1.0
Sal has 1.0-1.0
Rudy has 0.0-1.0

The last round will be held next Tuesday!


Jerry said...

Way to go Sal! You should have picked up about 56 rating points!!

Nickhead said...

Never underestimate Sal! Good job!