2013 Championship

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Joe Farrell First Club Expert!!

Joe Farrell went 3 for 3 and won the October Rating Tournament breaking the 2000 barrier and becoming the first Club Expert!! Click here to see the X-table.

Joe joined the Club in 2008 and played in his first event in March of that year. While rusty from a long lay off, Joe found that his rating of 1970 didn't intimidate the patzers he would have to face at this new time control of game 30. It took Joe 42 events to gain 36 points! Along the way Joe suffered 15 loses and 25 draws (10 draws against Johnny Owens alone). A win against Joe was hard to come by; those who did win did not do so on a regular basis. Earnie Weaver tops the list with 6 wins out of 19 games followed by: Jerry Weldin with 4 wins out of 24 games, Steve Parsons with 2 wins out of 11 games (but with 7 draws Steve had the best percentage against Joe - 50%!!), Kerry Fatulla (always dangerous!!) 1 win out of 12 games, Nick Folino 1 win out of 5 games, and lastly my chess buddy Bob Kilmer ( who I have fought with over the board since the 1980's) - 1 win out of 4 games.

Joe, it was a long time coming , but richly deserved. We were all pulling for you while at the same time not wanting to be added to your "list of victums". Thanks for bringing your talent to our club.


Ernie said...

Congratulations Joe!!! As one of the victims, "thanks". :-) I agree with everything Jerry said above.

Joe F said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm certainly excited about crossing 2000. I've been an A-Player since 1983!!
I've certainly seen improvement in the strength of the players while I've been here.
To show you how tenuous this rating is, if I had lost (as I deserved) in the last round, I would be 20 points lower.