2013 Championship

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big Prizes For Big Winners

Last night saw the end of the Club Championship Tournament and the awarding of the year's trophies. Jerry Weldin hosted the festivities. Steve Parsons claimed the top prize for his killer performance. Ernie Weaver claimed the second place trophy and Joe Farrell edged out his competition last night to get the 3rd place trophy. It was a long hard struggle to put together so many wins over a full year, and these winners as well as all the players deserve a big kudo. Also winning prizes were Sal Mancuso and Bob Kilmer for the biggest upsets of the year. And everyone who participated received an 'I Survived' medal for their efforts.

(A big thank you to Stephanie Clayton for these great photos. Also attending last night but not in the photos was Andrew Lee.)

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