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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Starts Big

December started big for the Elizabethtown Chess Club with 14 members attending last night. Joe F. (W) and Johnny Owens (B) split a point and Ernie Weaver earned a point from Joe Phelps with the Black pieces in championship action. The skittles room saw lots of action with Jerry Weldin, Sal Mancuso, Stephanie Clayton, Dave Brock, Rudy McKinney, Kerry Fatula, Nick Folino, James Biggs, Andrew Lee, and Bob Lenning. All 90+ items in our club library were also present. Mark your calendars now to remember that next week will be our Second Tuesday tournament. We'll be playing 3 rounds at a time control of G/30 with a 5 second delay. Be sure to pre-register with Johnny or arrive before the 7pm start time to register at the site. The entry fee is a nominal $1 to cover the cost of ratings.

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