2013 Championship

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Thibodeaux, Fontainbleau, the place is buzzin'"

Steff's Veteran's Tournament paid extra dividends as Clany Soileau, Co-Winner of the "Under 1600 Section" drove from Springfield to join Steff, Darren, James, and Jerry for "C&C" (coffee and chess) at Panara Bread.

Clany fit into the group like he'd always been there, accepting us "warts and all"; and will be coming Tuesday Nites as soon as he is relieved of his baby sitting duties. Bob L would have loved Clany's chess set; it was perfect for the small Panera tables.

Over-the-board conversation was especially stimulating and covered topics such as: Tiger Woods, football, child rearing, the French language, monogamy, SSI, L4 L5 lumbar problems, Jerry's unappreciated "Don Rickles" humor, the Swiss Pairing System, and other topics best left unsaid.

Things broke up between 1230-1p.m. and as Steff headed for JC Penny, Clany to Barnes and Nobles, I drove to the Flea Market with topics like Booray (Bourre), Acadia Parish (Paroisse de l' Acadie), Ascension, St. Charles, Baton Rouge (Red Stick), Orleans, and Vernon Parish (my old stompin' grounds) running down the Highway 10 of my mind.

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