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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday Morning at Panera

Darren Radford and Joe Farrell faced off at Panera Bread on Saturday for 2 club championship games, with Joe Farrell coming up with the 2 wins. Also playing skittles were Jerry Weldin, James Biggs, Andrew Lee, Andrew Preston, and Bob Lenning. Tanner, a dog with coat and hat, was benched and observed the games from outside the window, providing extra entertainment.

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Jerry said...

The dogs name is Tanner. Tanner is a regular and is usually found outside sitting on his bench kibitzing through the window. Yesterday Tanner was particularly dapper proving the old saying that "clothes make the dog". Always a "people magnet"; Tanner turned quite a few into "dog paparazzi" Saturday as even Darren took cell phone pictures.