2013 Championship

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Club Officers

Great attendance last night for the "1st Tuesday business meeting"; Bob Kilmer, Rudy, Sal, Dave, Amy, Nick, Kerry, Jerry, Joe, and Joe's son Stephen.

The names of the "volunteers" for office were read and the floor was opened for any other nominee's or volunteers. After receiving no additional candidates for office Bob Kilmer moved that the candidates be approved by acclimation; the motion was seconded by everyone present and the candidates were voted into office.

The format for the 2012 Club Championship was discussed and two proposals were submitted: 1. The highest cumulative total over the twelve month period. 2. The sum of the Jan-Nov monthly tournaments with a top 4 quad to decide the winner. Having a "Booster" section for those under 1400 was also discussed and it was decided to give everyone a chance to mull over the ideas and bring the subject up for a vote at the 1st Tuesday in December meeting.

Your new Club officers are Gelvic Cubar President, Joe Farrell Vice President, Amy Nunn Secretary, and Stephanie Clayton Treasurer. Go to the home page and click on members then the individual name if you desire to see a picture of the new officers or check out their current rating.

Everyone played at least one game with Dave beating Sal in the only rated game of the night.


Joe F said...

here is a thought for tie-breaks next year.
Use the club ladder standings, that may encourage ladder more games as well.

Kerry said...

I'm against using the club ladder as a tie breaker. I think it would create more problems and possible rifts within the club.

Kerry said...

As for the Tuesday Knight Tournament that Johnny put together and ran I really appreciated the opportunity to play. The G/75 time was good. I'm was really disappointed more players didn't play. Afer all, people said G/30 is to short for 2nd Tuesday. I guess you can't please some people anytime. If your a member of the USCF and you want to improve your rating, you've got to play in rated tournaments.