2013 Championship

Monday, November 21, 2011

Owens Brings Back 37 Rating Points From Alabama!

Johnny Owens played in the Huntsville Open on Saturday and scored 2.5-1.5 with his only loss to Expert Jerry Spinrad of Tennessee. Jerry went on to win the event with a perfect 4-0 score. Johnny also drew his game with Antonio Gellineau rated 1962. Johnny's performance rating for the tournament was 1951!

This was a 4-round swiss tournament at Game/75!

The crosstable can be found here!


Joe F said...

Great Job!
Looks like a strong tournament.

Johnny said...

Yes, Joe I knew it was strong when I saw my pairing number was 11 out of the 18 players in the section! I was excited to finish tied 4-5.

Stephanie said...

That's totally impressive!!Way to go!

Kerry said...

Congratulations on your showing. Very impressive and definitely and a very hard challenge to face in the club championship.