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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Veterans Appreciation Chess Tournament 2011 Results

Yesterday proved to be a great day for chess in Cox's Creek, Kentucky with 24 players and about 10 spectators attending to say "THANK YOU" to our Military Veterans. The tournament was a huge success due to the many who volunteered their time, money, food, prizes, and labor. First of all, I would like to thank Steve Parsons for agreeing to be the Tournament Director and Johnny Owens for being the Asst. TD. You guys were great!! That tournament was full of "firsts" for many of our kids and we needed someone with patience and grace. THANKS!
Club member, Amy Nunn, provided a fun and educational dessert by creating chocolate chess pieces and placing them on a huge cake imitating a chess board. The "White Mates in Four" puzzle was beautiful and thought provoking. So much so that attendees could write their names and solutions on paper and put them in a basket for a drawing at midday. Puzzle solver champions were Johnny Owens and Nathan Kaissieh! PHOTOS OF THE CAKE AND CHOCOLATE TO COME in a later post.
The local Girl Scout Troop 1260 decorated the cafeteria. Jerry Weldin donated many items for the raffle while other club members and guests generously donated money for Support the Troops. (We raised $75 for that group.) Bonnie Hall and Kelley Mehl, both collegues of mine at Cox's Creek School, cooked and served all who were hungry. These girls also provided hospitality to folks with conversation, supervision of the cafeteria, and service.

Winners of the Open Division, split the $150 prize three ways: James Lawson, Larry Bell (Veteran), Lexington, and Eddie Barber, Bowling Green, each won first place. In the Under 1000 division, 14 players vied for the prizes and there were several ties, however, the $100 first prize was clearly won by Nathan Kaissieh, Nelson Co. High School. Second place- Branden Darby, Nelson Co. High; Brayden O'Banion,Cox's Creek Ele.School; and Sal Mancuso (Army Veteran) of Radcliff.
This year there was a prize for the top unrated player as this was the first U.S.C.F. chess game for 9 players. The $20 prize for top Unrated Player was won by Brayden O'Banion. Second place unrated players were Ben Risner, Bryce Reiter, Carson Mouser, Alex Hagan, and Elliott Reiter. Third place unrated players were Keeton Fell and Emily Nalley. Fourth Place unrated players were Benji Rice and Josh Thompson All unrated player winners were awarded medals.

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Jerry said...

As always this was the premier chess event of the year. New adjective need to be invented to discribe the efforts put forth by Bonnie, Kelley, Amy, and Stephanie in making this such a great event. Steve and Johnny once again did a superb job at directing and not a discouraging word was heard. Kudos to all and to all the parents involved. The nicest, best behaved group of children I have ever had the priviledge of being with.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Jerry! I will be sure to pass on the kind regards.