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Monday, January 19, 2009

Proposed Website Changes

Changes to the club website and other proposals have been suggested by member Jerry Weldin in a recent email. Add your comments on this discussion below.

Please note that regardless of claims to the contrary, though prominent article posts are edited for content and style (including the correct spelling of the word 'amateur'), comments are not and have never been edited on this blog (excepting foreign language comments which no doubt do not belong here). Also please note that recent blog posts which are now missing were deleted by the author of the posts, not by the blog administrator. Any errors of fact, inadvertent or otherwise, are corrected as soon as possible, regardless of authorship.

Friday, January 2, 2009

How to Find Us

The Elizabethtown Chess Club meets on Tuesday nights from 6-10pm ET at:

The Family Buffet next to Krogers at the Towne Mall.

If you'd like to play online chess with us, many members play chess on Chess.com. You can join for free.

Updated 6 December 2012 by Jerry.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ming Loi - Member Profile

Ming explains that chess is life. Check out how his life rates here.

James Whiddon - Member Profile

James is shown here supervising his official certificate of authenticity chess set. Be careful, because the pieces are weighted to always come up sixes.  Find his USCF rating here.

Tanner Norris - Member Profile

Click here to see Tanner's USCF profile.

Steve Nutt - Member Profile

"Picture? I don't need no stinkin' picture!" See Steve's current USCF rating here.

Gelvic Cubar - Member Profile

Click here to view Gelvic's USCF rating.

Andrew Preston - Member Profile

"Just shut up Sal! I know what I'm doin'." See Andrew's current rating here.

Clany Soileau - Member Profile

Click here to view Clany's USCF rating.

John Craycroft - Member Profile

"Yeah, I know there's nobody in the other chair. Just leave me alone!" See John's current USCF rating here.

Kerry Fatula - Member Profile

"Sure, that might look like a good move now. But what's it gonna look like in 5 minutes?" See Kerry's current USCF rating here.

Rudy McKinney - Member Profile

"Are you lookin' at the board in my glasses? Soon as I find  a good move I'm going to get out my can of Whop Butt!" See Rudy's current USCF rating in his glasses here.

Brad Clark - Member Profile

Click here to see Brad's USCF rating.

Steve Parsons - Member Profile

"Expert? I don't care if you're some expert! I'll show ya expert." See Steve's current USCF rating here.

Ernie Weaver - Member Profile

This is Ernie Weaver. You just think he's Dan Heisman. See Ernie's current USCF rating here.

Joe Phelps - Member Profile

"I knew I shouldn't have taken that!" See Joe's current USCF rating here.

Dave Brock - Member Profile

"They told me to sit on my hands. I don't know why. But I'm sittin' on my hands. And besides, I'm outta burritos." See Dave's current USCF rating here.

Andrew Lee - Member Profile

"Five minute chess? Sure, I know how to play five minute chess." Check out Andrew's USCF rating here.

Nick Folino - Member Profile

"I'm not sure what I'm gonna do next. But I do know there's an Ace on the bottom of that cup." See Nick's current rating here.

Stan Mullins - Member Profile

"Spots! I'm supposed to see squares, but all I see is spots!" Check out Stan's current USCF rating here.

Darren Radford - Member Profile

"Don't sneak up on my left side. I've told you that before." Check out Darren's current USCF rating here.

Jerry Weldin - Member Profile

"That ain't a sacrifice kid, it's a gambit. Don't bother me, I'm thinkin'." Check out Jerry's current USCF rating here.

Joe Farrell - Member Profile

Is there any way to save this or do I offer a 1600 rated player a draw. See his current USCF rating here.

Josh Jordan - Member Profile

Click here to see Josh's USCF profile.

Nathan Emdee - Member Profile

Click here to see Nathan's USCF profile.

Amy Nunn - Member Profile

   I thought reading "New In Chess" was supposed to improve my game. Click here to see Amy's USCF profile.


Bob Kilmer - Member Profile

Ok, Bob doesn't always dress like Kasparov. But he does have fast hands, don't you think? Catch his current USCF rating here.

Sal Mancuso - Member Profile

Sal collects trophies for Biggest Upset. He'll show them to you if you ask him .... or he might even show them to you if you don't ask him. See his current USCF rating here.

Johnny Owens - Member Profile

Johnny has a black belt in club championships and should be approached with caution. Catch his current USCF rating here.

James Biggs - Member Profile

"Maybe yours is a horse. Mine is a buffalo!" James also plays with our team on Chess.com. Check out his USCF rating here.

Library Rules Effective June 2, 2009

Stephanie Clayton - Member Profile

Stephanie is shown here with club visitor Bernard Parham. Stephanie is active in both the Elizabethtown and Bardstown chess clubs. Find her USCF rating here.

2009 Club Championship Crosstables

Mike Jocko

                        Mike's site is under construction until we get a photo. Click here to see Mike's MSA page.

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