2013 Championship

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Devil Felt A Chill

The 29 June meeting closed out the month with chess that measured a 7.5 on the rector scale. Nick, Ernie, Johnny, Kerry, James W., Gelvic, Larry, Stephanie,and Jerry fought relentlessly over the 64 square battlefield. Stephanie caused the Devil to reach for his sweater with a win over Kerry and Jerry defended a tough 5 pawns vs knight and 2 pawns end game against Gelvic which ended in a draw.

Other news: the library is now in residence at ECTC and should be operational again after the Bluegrass State Games.

Johnny announced a Saturday Tournament to be held 14 August in our normal meeting room at the College; watch for detail which will be posted soon.

PS-The pictures of Kasparov are for Steff; she thinks he's all that and plays chess too!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 22nd Meeting

The tigers were unleashed Tuesday night as Rudy and Steff went head to head with such intensity that Ernie and Kerry broke off their own battle to watch. Jerry and Larry played several 10 minute games and Steve Nutt made a cameo appearance to show off his new red hair.

Nick missed out on some serious garden produce by having to work or something; thanks again Nick!

It's time to gear up for the Bluegrass Games; bring the kids and relatives. Circle July 10Th on your calendar right now!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Josh Cook Takes A Queen

While reading my Sunday paper a familiar face caught my eye; Josh Cook an original Elizabethtown Chess Club member is getting married!

According to the News-Enterprise; Joshua Cook and Brandi Cornett will tie the knot June 27Th, at Blue Ball Baptist Church.

Congratulations to Josh and Brandi from all of us at the Chess Club!

Friday, June 18, 2010

2nd Bardstown Chessathon

Steff Clayton hosted her 2ND Bardstown Chessathon with a European flair at Cafe Mozart on Thursday,17 June. When I arrived the cafe was packed and the usual table settings had been replaced with chess boards. As I waited for a game, the moans and cries for relief reminded me of a combat aid station; there was no quarter asked and none given. The Kaissiah family turned out in force with Rana, the Mom, leading a team consisting of Nada, the pretty daughter and twin sons Nathan and Timothy. I think I played Nathan, but I'm not sure; all I remember was that he asked me if I was as good as Mrs. Clayton; which caused me to break my "chess meter" momentarily. Andrew Preston, James Biggs, Clany Soileau, and Gelvic Cubar rounded out the combatants list and all left smiling.

The company was top drawer, the chess was challenging, the ambiance was excellent, and the Sam Adams was chilled; that Clayton gal sure knows how to organize a good time!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Survey Results

The results of the recent survey are in; 16 members responded.

1. I would play in an additional Tuesday Night Rated Tournament. Yes = 7 No = 9
2. I would be willing to pay dues. Yes = 11 No = 5
3. Should membership be based on attendance or dues. Attendance = 6 Dues = 9
One member suggested a combination of the two.
4. Should the Club provide instructions to players who ask. Yes = 14 No = 2
5. Support for both assisted living residents and scholastic chess was: Yes=13 No=3
6. Would support additional Saturday Tournaments. Yes = 12 No =4

Several comments were received; here is a summary:

1. Challenge other clubs to matches.
2. Provide organized study with a demo board.
3. Have the higher rated players analysis games submitted by the membership.
4. Hold more local rated tournaments, to include quick chess events.
5. Start a club ladder.
6. Have a rated tournament every other week.
7. Reestablish the Club Library. (note: Bob is currently out of town.)
8. Recruit more members thru advertising, etc.
9. Concentrate on 1-2 new goals at a time; moving on to others as they are met.
10.Change Club meetings to Fridays.
11.Bring in local Masters for instruction/demo's.

Emory Tate Jr Wins 2010 KY Open

Life Senior Master and International Master Emory Tate Jr won the recent KY Open on tie breaks over Chis Bush.

IM Tate is a 5 time Armed Forces Champion with a current USCF rating of 2401. Jennifer Shahada gives a word portrait of Tate on page 11 of her book, Chess Bitch, and indicates that Tate inspired the book's title.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

White Rabbit

Darren dropped by El Tapatio's this morning and revealed that Ron Burnett was not the only KY Open entrant to forget which time zone he was in. Apparently Darren made the same error last Sunday and did not purposely withdraw; rather he returned home when he realized he was running an hour behind. I can see how that can happen when you work in one time zone and live in another; I guess that's why Dave Brock refers to Eastern Standard Time as "fast time".

Also playing to Mariachi Music this morning was James Whiddon, Steff Clayton, Jerry Weldin, and Angel Reyes. Angel came anxious to play and had at least one game with everyone present except me. Get your games in with Angel while you can; he will be going to the field soon for training.

If we can get a minimum of 4 players to commit to play rated games we can play in our regular Tuesday Night meeting room at ECTC.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Owens Perfect After Three

Johnny Owens went three for three at the June 2010 Rating Tournament besting a field of 12 players. Johnny finished a full point ahead of the the group of players with 2 points. The tournament has been posted.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 Squared - or- For Real, You're Not On Central Time?

Nine Club members showed up for the KY Open; Andrew Preston, Bob Lenning, and Stephanie Clayton played in the Under 1400 Section; Bob Kilmer, Gelvic Cubar, and Johnny Owens took on the Under 1800 crowd; while Darren Radford, James Whiddon, and Jerry Weldin went for the brass ring in the Open. Larry Davidson of our Glasgow Branch was also in attendance; which actually gave the Tournament a decidedly E-town flavor.

Darren withdrew after a bad first day start; Stephanie Clayton kicked some serious under 1400 butt to bring home the glory for the Club. Not only the glory but when she said "show me the money" they wrote her a $100 check for the top Under 1000 prize! I hereby proclaim Steff the Club Hero of the week and an "Official Chess Diva".

IM Emory Tate was the winner in the Open Section despite showing up over 45 minutes late for the beginning of the 4th round (there by "spotting" his 2300+ rated opponent over half of the time allotted for the game). Not so fortunate was Ron Burnett (from Tennessee) who was rated 5 points higher than Tate at the start of the Tournament. Ron "forgot" he was no longer in the Central Time Zone and showed up over an hour late for the 4th round; giving Chris Bush a "gift point" and spoiling his chances for any prize money. Ron is in the red shirt in the picture Emory Tate is to his left in the photo.

The Tournament results have been posted on the USCF web site. Five of our contingent picked up rating points with Steff picking up the highest total, 84 points!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1 June Meeting Report

Eight players reported for chess as Nick, Kerry, Rudy, Sal, James W, Ernie, Mickey, and Jerry raised the temperature in room 108A tonight.

James W agreed to drive Sal's van this weekend; and is hereby proclaimed a Club Hero!

Mickey donated a 5 drawer filing cabinet to the Club to house the library. It has been a while since Mickey joined us for a game; and bearing gifts to boot!

Drive safely; I hope to see you all in Louisville for the KY Open this weekend.

New USCF Rating Floors Implemented

The May issue of Chess Life contained the following announcement: "Peak rating floors at 1200 and 1300 have been implemented. This applies only to events that end on or after 4/1/2010. To earn a 1200 floor a player needs to have a post-event established rating of at least 1400, to earn a 1300 floor a player needs to have a post-event established rating of at least 1500."

Previously floors started at 1400.