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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Getting Ready For 4 November

         The old timers out there will remember this cake from the 2011 Veterans Tournament.

Fast forward six years and prepare for the 2017 Veteran Tournament dedicated to the memory of Andrew Preston, currently being planned by Stephanie Clayton and Larry Bell. While we await finalization of the details, I can tell you that the tournament has been scheduled to be played on 4 November at the Family Buffet restaurant in Elizabethtown. There will  be many perks for veterans so keep checking this site for details.

A recent inquiry into Club activity will now be addressed.
Yes we are still playing on Tuesday nights at the Family Buffet. Remember that it is Summer, school is out and many folks are out of town on vacation, etc. Players stagger in, as their individual schedules permit, starting around 5PM EST. If no one is there by 7PM it probably means everyone had prior commitments; don't give up keep checking in until you catch us.