2013 Championship

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Belay The Ego Mates

Bobby Fischer has been quoted as his favorite part of chess was when he knew he had crushed his opponents ego. Everyone has one and most chess player's are "super sized" with a win at all cost mentality. Look around at the "players" you know; are there some who will never share the secrets of their "pet" openings while others are happy to share the new "novelty" they have discovered before they have a chance to spring it on you?

This morning at Panera Bread, Darren and I were discussing this phenomenon as we exchanged ideas on a recently published New In Chess SOS article. I have found that Darren has always been open and willing to share with anyone, although he did once tell me not to buy a book on the "Dunst Opening" (in a joking manner) when he revealed his then favorite opening. With 63 kicking me in the butt and 64 (my favorite number) waiting in ambush two short months away; I have long ago gave up on being secretive and hope I have been open and above board in answering any request for chess help or advice. Some probably wish I wasn't so vocal with some of my opinions; not all are popular these days.

Now let me try to get back to the point. I have a new favorite saying thanks to Darren. Mark Twain said, "It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." My old "pickin' & grinnin'" buddy Jack Wheately said, "You raise a hog on slop, slop's what he likes." Today Darren Radford said, (concerning sharing information with other players); "When the tide raises, all the ships ride higher." Gee I wish I'd said that!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'll See Your Petroff and Raise You an Attack

Andrew L. faced another Petroff as White in the first round of the Kentucky Class Championships and again refused to allow drawing chances. When Black erred with 6...Ng4?? he went on the attack and never looked back. See the score and analysis by Fritz after the fold.

E-Town Wins Old-Town Match

Johnny Owens posted a second win against Twan709 to bring E-Town's victory over Republic of Newfoundland to a close with a score of 7 to 3. Johnny's two pawn advantage and pressing play forced his opponent's resignation. See the score with analysis after the fold.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lee and Radford Storm Class Championships

Andrew Lee and Darren Radford stepped up to the action at the Kentucky Class Championships held on Saturday, January 16 in Louisville. Andrew scored 3 wins in 4 games and took 2nd place in the Class E and under section! The performance was good enough to earn him $65 to spend on chess books and to raise his provisional rating to 1188 with 4 more games before gaining a regular rating. Class D seems to be clearly in his sights. Darren scored an impressive win against 1917 rated Randas Burns and a draw against 1930 rated Robert Amback for a total of 1.5 points in 3 games in the A section before coming home with his shiny new rating points. He now stands just 8 points shy of an official A-player status. Congratulations to both players for their performance. For complete crosstables look here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sexigenarians Hold Chess Rally

With everyone else out of town visiting or playing in Louisville today; Andrew Preston and Jerry Weldin were the only ones left to hold down the fort at Panera Bread. As always a good time is inevitable when "Old Soldiers" get together.

Hopefully everyone has a happy and safe weekend; we'll see everyone Tuesday at ECTC.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who Said That 13 Was Unlucky?

Thirteen players came in from the cold last night and fought hard for three rounds in our first Second Tuesday Tournament of 2010. There were 6 players in the under-1400 section, and Rudy chose to 'play up' making for 7 players in the Open. Rudy's bold move turned out to be golden after patiently waiting out a bye in the first round when he scored a win in the third round to raise his rating to 1405 and claim a stake in Class C. Steve Parsons controlled the section with 2.5 points, all of them counting in the new 2010 Club Championship. In the under-1400 section, Dave Brock scored a full 3 wins bringing his rating into Class D at 1234. See the complete crosstable here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New "Patent Pending" Chess Ring Tone

While browsing thru the 2009/8 issue of NEW IN CHESS I came across a picture with the following caption: "The shortest game but one of the event. Alexander Delchev has played 1.d4, but before his opponent Stuart Conquest had time to reply, the Bulgarian's mobile phone rang, whereupon the game was declared lost for him."

My brain works "outside the cage" and this was no exception; in short order it conceived the following idea. Instead of using a pop song for a ring tone; simply record your own voice saying; "Considering the even position on the board and the onset of what may be the highly contagious N1H1 Virus, I hereby propose a draw." Pregnant wife in delivery or dying grandparent messages could also be used. This gives you time to mute your phone and avoid a forfeit! Of course you could just turn off your cell phone.

Later in the same issue there is a picture of Karpov conducting a simul while talking on his cell phone! Rude to say the least.

Oh, the "but one" game mentioned in the caption was a forfeit awarded because a Czech GM was a "few seconds" late and was not present when the arbiter started his clock.

And no, I don't think Darren placed any calls to Britain's opponents during the Novi Sad team competition.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

6 at 10 and 5 for 960

Six club members showed up at 10am at Panera Bread this morning to push wood. Nick joined regulars Jerry, Stephanie, Andrew L., Darren, and Bob L. Three boards were blazing with quick action. Stephanie claimed to have gotten a win against Bob on the 1st board, but with only 2 eyewitnesses there's no real way to tell for sure. At the same time, a new tournament was set up on Chess.com for playing chess960. Five players signed up to fill the field and start the tournament, 4 of them members of our club. The fifth player is a joiner from London, possibly giving Darren a cultural edge in the tourney since he speaks the language.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Too Cold for Shuffleboard

It was too cold for the shuffleboard court, so 13 players huddled in the skittles room and threw pawns on the fire. With the holidays behind us, players were sharpening their skills for our first tournament of the year coming next Tuesday. There will be an open and an under-1400 section if there are enough players. Anyone rated under 1400 that would like to 'play up' must notify the tournament director before the start of the tournament. Games in the open section will count toward the 2010 club championship. USCF membership is required and all games are rated. Time controls will be G/30 with a 5 second delay. Three rounds of swiss action will begin at 7pm. Please register with Johnny in advance or be sure to arrive with enough time to register before 7pm.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Panera Gambit

Bob L. had the white pieces and offered a Panera Gambit, but Steve cooly decided to decline and shifted to another chair where the sun didn't shine in his eyes. Three boards in all were blazing as Andrew P., Jerry, Steph, and Darren also pushed the wood. The coffee was good, the games were better, and great fun was had. Now everyone awaits our first regular club meeting of the new year on Tuesday at 7pm. Be sure to be there.