2013 Championship

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kirsan Re-elected FIDE President

Kirsan defeated Korpov 95-55 to remain FIDE President. Reportedly offers Korpov the vice-president position; no decision yet from Karpov. The link provided can also be used to reach the news from the World Chess Olympaid 2010 taking place in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fatula Tops The Ladder!

Fatula shook Weldin from the top rung as the Ladder underwent a major face lift. Five ladder games were played with the following results:
Owens smashed Clark - rated
Fatula topples Weldin - rated
Parsons disrespects Farrell - unrated
Folino mugged Kilmer - unrated
Norris skewered Clark - rated

This being the last meeting of the month the following members were dropped 4 rungs for non-attendance: Soileau, Preston, and Mullins.

After a quick vote it was decided to eliminate the 4 rung challenge rule as the players who arrive on time are having to wait 30-60 minutes before they can challenge.

It was decided to set up a petty cash fund so we wouldn't have to write $3 checks to Johnny to cover his expenses in submitting games to be rated.

Check out the KCA Web Site for the results of the Louisville Open. One of our members was caught by the camera and is now being viewed by chess fans everywhere.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladder Games

Eight players came to waltz with the wood last night as the Club welcomed back Tanner Norris after a two year absence. Tanner is a Senior this year at Central and has eliminated his transportation difficulties by getting his drivers license. Tanner is a paid up Club member and now occupies rung #20 on the Club Ladder. Bob Kilmer provided the opposition in Tanner's "welcome back" game.

Four ladder games were played with Jerry Weldin wrestling away Brad Clark's hold on the #1 rung and then successfully defending it against Gelvic Cubar who gained the #2 spot with a draw.

All ladder games were rated except for Weldin vs Clark; here are the results:
Weldin outlasted Clark
Weaver rooked Cubar
Owens finessed Fatula
Weldin drew Cubar

Don't forget the Louisville Open this weekend. My wife is going through a difficult period right now and I may not be able to make it; good luck to all who get to play.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Size Matters!!

At the September Swiss last night Johnny Owens pulled out the rule book and it turned out that my king was 3/8th's of an inch too short! Consequently we abandoned my House of Stauton set and played with Johnny's India import.

I didn't let "King Envy" affect my game as I held off the London's advances to secure a draw.

The amusing anecdote above takes me back to a recurring theme of mine; the first book every tournament player should buy and become familiar with is "U.S. Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess". While a 6th edition is long overdue, updates can be downloaded from the USCF web site.

If your opponent shows up with pink, green, red, ornate, star wars, Aztec, or other non-standard pieces you can refuse to use his/her set in a tournament game even if they have "black" (black gets to choose the equipment - if legal).

Hopefully I have peaked your curiosity and everyone is turning to Chapter 4 in their rule books or planning on at least reading one soon. How big can the kings cross be, when is a queens base too big for a square?? All is revealed in the "rule book"!

Expect The Unexpected

If you didn't attend last night's Club meeting you may have experienced unexplained seismic activity in your neighborhood. The epicenter was room 108A, ECTC!!

When the rubble was cleared the top two players going into the September Tournament were left with 1 point apiece and the lead for the Club Championship changed hands yet again. The results have been posted as well as the rated Ladder Games.

Less than 45 minutes after I made this post Sal called to say he was being released from the hospital. Originally I had posted his room information and a report on my visit last night in this spot. I edited that out of this post in order to prevent inconveniencing members who might have went to the hospital. Sal is home.

It also appears that Johnny and I both posted the results of last nights Tournament almost simultaneously. Check out his post below.

Ladder Games Have Been Rated!

No, she wasn't at the chess club last night, but we had 10 club members to start the monthly swiss. Ernie, Johnny and Jerry all tied for 1st with 2.5! The first group of ladder games have now been rated and next week we start Round 2.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sal Is Hospitalized

As those of you who attended last night's meeting are aware; Sal was admitted to Hardin Memorial yesterday. I have not been free to visit personally but have talked to him twice via cell phone and got an update from Rudy who was able to pay a visit today.

Sal is still in Room # 4-11; there is no definitive diagnoses at this time. Presently Sal is unable to move one leg and the other is in excruciating pain. The doctors are keeping him pretty well medicated; so Rudy advises that visitors call before they go. He got a shot just before I called him this afternoon and he had to terminate the call because he was "in La La land".

The Club sends it's get well wishes to Sal and his family I'm sure Sal will be his "feisty old self" in no time.

Louis De Fiore Member Profile

That's Louis on the right. Louis current floor is 1700; don't let the white beard fool you! Click here to see Louis's MSA page.

Three Out Of Four

A Ladder Rule weakness was revealed last night as three out of the four Ladder Games played had to wait until after 7:30pm to start.

Gelvic Cubar (#8), challenged Johnny Owens (#5) and their game began at 7pm. At 7:30 the remaining six players reshuffled challenges as potential opponents failed to appear on the battle field. When the dust had settled the following games were contested: Cubar (#8) rooked Owens (#5), Fatula (#11) stopped Brock (#19), Weldin (#3) held off Lee (#12), and Weaver (#15) vanquished Parsons (#2). With the exception of Weaver vs Parsons, all the games were rated.

Sal called me from Hardin Memorial Hospital to report that he was in room #11 on the fourth floor. All I know at this time is that Sal reported he could not use one of his legs and was in quite a bit of pain. I'll try to get an update on his situation today.

Monday, September 6, 2010

KCA Web Site Make Over Is First Class!

Let there be light! KCA's web site has made a marvelous transformation and all involved can be proud!

If you haven't visited the KCA web site lately you are in for a pleasant surprise. The old features have been brought into the 20th Century and new features have been added. Kudos to Ryan and his team. Check out the Blog and see who you recognize; the first person to comment with the name of one of our E-town members will win a chess score book.

I have added a link to the KCA site in the right margin for your convenience. KCA has a link to this (our) site similarly placed so you can "toggle" between sites if you desire. I highly recommend that you visit the site and become a member.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blue Plate News Special

August closed out with a bang! Twelve members swarmed the boards to play Ladder games; with the following results. (R) indicates that the game was rated.

Farrell shocked Mancuso (R)
Folino creamed Fatula (R)
Mancuso mugged Clayton (R)
Weldin blanked Brock (R)
McKinney drew Craycroft (R)
Lee tricked Clayton
Cubar speared Kilmer

What's that you say? Craycroft.... yep John has returned!! Picture shows a dapper John battling "Doc" Mark Abramovich at the 2008 NCCC Championship; young Will Hahn appears in the background.

Dave Brock not only drove home from E-town to Munfordville after work; but drove back for the meeting after washing up and eating... and brought a check for $100 to become our 3rd "Life Member"!! That speaks volumes about our club and the people we call friends and members!

Andrew Lee returned from the Glenn Beck rally; and brought gifts! Sal, Kerry, and Jerry were the lucky recipients.

Stephanie Clayton is planning on resurrecting the Nelson County Chess Club (John Craycroft wore his "Blue Dragon" T last night) and is spearheading the organization of a Nelson County "Scholastic Chess League". Steff, we will help in anyway we can; wives and schedules permitting!

John Coffey has decided to start "blogging" check out his chess blog while you're surfing the net. John is a very strong player who puts a lot into chess.

We have added the Ladder to the headings at the top of the page. You will find the current Ladder standings and a copy of the ladder rules. Please allow a day or two after each meeting for the ladder to be updated; it will depend on Ernie's work/personal commitments. Thanks Ernie!!

Hopefully the "blue plate special" will wet your appetite for more chess; please dine with us again.