2013 Championship

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ashburn Match Begins

The match against the Ashburn, VA club has begun! Our own kypatzer is on board 1 and will face Smartgenes rated 1874 Chess.com / 1610 USCF. KYLion is anchoring the club on board 2 against scjohnson 1842 Chess.com / UNR USCF. And wildangels is taking on Zucan 1817 Chess.com / 1565P USCF on board 3. Our players are anxious for action, so be sure to follow the contest by going to our page on Chess.com and choosing 'Team Matches' from the 'Group Menu' on the right side of the page.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Club Clippings

Ten players attended chess club tonight. Three tournament boards were active with Ernie and Steve pounding out wins and Jerry and Bob K. shaking hands. The skittles room was all bareback with no clocks or scoresheets to be seen. In online news, we are still one board short for our match against the Winchester Club. Johnny has indicated that he is ready to lead us to victory against the Ashburn club too, so I've accepted their challenge. We'll need 2 more boards to make it a go. The water's warm, come on in.

Virginia Dare

While we look for one more board in our challenge against the Winchester club, the Ashburn Chess Club of Ashburn, Virginia has challenged our club to a 3 board match with 1 game played at a time at 3 days per move. Their top rated player is a FIDE IM rated by the USCF at 2272. He is a professional chess coach. Of course, I doubt that he'll play against us, but I'm just sayin'. Their top rated player in their current match against Team Maryland is Chess.com 1826 / USCF 1610. Shall we accept the challenge? How many are interested in covering one of the boards?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Panera Invitational

At 10 o'clock the chess players were in line for coffee. This week's turnout was 6, including Darren, Jerry, Stephanie, Bob L., Andrew, and James. Ten minute games dominated the action. Games were won and lost and a nearby mother asked if a 6 year-old could learn to get into the action. Jerry assured her that we were all 6 year-old prodigies, even if it didn't look like it anymore.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Throw Down the Gauntlet

With the club pride at stake, we've sent a 5 board match challenge to the Winchester (KY) Chess Club (known online as the Anywheretownfieldville Chess Club) on Chess.com. When the challenge is accepted, the first 5 of our players that take boards will play the match for us. Who's going to step up and represent us? It's a match for fun. Anybody at any rating level can play. Give it a try and make the patzers back at the club proud.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Are We Gonna Do?

The Anywheretownfieldville Chess Club of Chess.com, also known as the Winchester Chess Club of Winchester, Kentucky, has challenged our club to a vote chess contest or match challenge on Chess.com! Our club honor is at stake! We must rise to this challenge! Will you be there to help us win this one?

The 4th Weekly Panera Invitational

It's almost Saturday morning and time for coffee and chess at Panera Bread! We'll be there at 10am for breakfast with the bishops. Who knows, we might even be there for the dinner rush again. We always have fun, so don't miss out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tournament Win

Bob Lenning scored this win in the 8th Chess.com Tournament (1601-1800) to represent the club and win his section.

Latest Club Championship Standings

Check out the latest update to the Club Championship results. Darren racked up 4 points to lead the pack for the month.

Club Meeting, Sep. 23, 2009

An even dozen members showed up last night for plenty of chess fun. Three boards were active in the tournament room while the rest of us hung out in the skittles room. Steve, Jerry, and Ernie earned wins in last night's championsip competition. See the latest club standings here. Jerry brought along 3 Informants which he donated to the library. There was lots of buzz about club players on Chess.com and how to get signed up.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

E-Town Chess on Chess.com

A new group was established for us at Chess.com, a popular place to play chess online, especially correspondence-style chess. Four of our club members have already joined to play games. To become a member yourself and join in the fun click here. If you are already a Chess.com member, you can find our group here.

Free online chess!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Library is Growing

Thanks to recent donations by Bob Kilmer, our club now has 86 books and media items for check-out. We also have some magazines to peruse. Johnny is contributing the club's magazine copy each month for anyone to read. This should be great for new club members, especially for those who aren't USCF members yet. Nick came up with some printouts of grandmaster surveys of the openings which he collected from the internet. This should be interesting reading.

If you haven't seen our library yet, check it out. If you haven't checked out a book yet, just ask and I'll show you how. If you haven't donated a book yet, please consider bringing one in. If you'd rather donate money .... ok, I can deal with that!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2nd Tuesday Tournament - September 2009

Check out the crosstables for last night's 2nd Tuesday tournament. Congratulations to John Coffey and Rudy McKinney for winning their sections.