2013 Championship

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Round 2 Of Tuesday Knights #1!

Tonight was round 2 of our Game/75 tourney. Mark Ayers left the area but, Ernie Weaver stepped in and joined the fun! Gelvic said that he plans on playing in the November "King's Island Open" in Cincinnati, so he's happy to be playing in this longer time control tournament.

Johnny won against Kerry in a game that went over 60 moves! Ernie, with only a second to go, managed to force a draw against Gelvic!

Round 3 will be held next week! It's not too late to join in!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Knights #1 Is Underway!

Round one of our Game/75 tournament began today. We had three club members that decided to play and Mark Ayers of California dropped by the club and set in so we didn't have a bye! He is currently rated 1835 and went on the beat Johnny in round one! In our other game Gelvic, fresh from his outstanding performance at the Louisville Open went on to win against Kerry!

Amy Nunn will join us during round 3. Remember this will be a five round event and I hope we can get others to particapate. We really need 6 plaers to play, in order to ensure that nobody has to play the same opponent twice.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Lost Game

Since Joe pointed out that my opponent was the Indiana State Champion in a comment (the post with the X-table link); I thought I'd post another one of my loses. My opponent turns the tables on the "Fried Liver".

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Another Game From The Louisville Open

As everyone should know by now; I always play in the Open Section. Why pay $100 to play Gelvic and Johnny when I can play them at home for free? Additionally I receive free chess lessons by going over my games with stronger opponents. If you're in chess for the money you may need a new hobby. I guess I am lucky in that I enjoy chess win, lose, or draw; winning is better of course. Here is a game with multiple mistakes which I haven't analized deeply yet. Some may even think my choice of opening was a mistake, but I decided to "dance with the one who brought me".
My opponent was also a "senior citizen". I'm sure it will be entertaining and anxious to see Ernie's comments.

A Game From The Louisville Open

Here is one of my loses from the Louisville Open. I was totally crushed by my opponent after move #7!!

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Louisville Open

Gelvic shines at the Louisville Open finishing with 3.5 in the gruelling 3 day event and enjoyed the thrill of victory! Johnny and Jerry played in the 2 day schedule and suffered the agony of defeat. Click here to see the X-table; I will post a couple of games after I recover.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

See A Grandmaster In Action

See GM Goldin in action at the Louisville Open. 4th rd starts at 10 AM, 5th rd starts @ 4:15 PM. Sunday, 18 September.

Holiday Inn Southwest 4110 Dixie Hwy, Louisville @ I-264 exit 8B.

You can also watch Gelvic, Johnny, and Jerry lose rating points!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Joe Farrell Wins The September Swiss 3-0!

Joe won last night's club tourney with a score of 3-0 and Ernie Weaver finished 2nd with a score of 2-1.

Six players played in the tourney and the rated crosstable appears here.

Section 2 on the crosstable is the rated ladder games since our August monthly tourney.

Remember that starting next week we begin our Game/75 tourney. Gelvic was the first to pay his entry fee into this event!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swindle Of The Week

Rudy had me dead to rights in the position above. I had let myself get into time trouble (I had about 4 minutes to Rudy's 12) and found myself a rook down. Rudy had started to fall into the trap of trying to play as fast as I and played 1.Rxg7 to which I responded 1. ...Rc2+! 2.Kh3 Rh2+!! Stalemate! It was worth the 15 rating points I lost, by drawing, to see the look on Rudy's face.

After the game Kerry thought that moving the King back to the 1st rank would have held the win for white; a short demonstration soon convinced him that he was wrong.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who Would Have Thunk It

As I was going into the building this evening I spied a strange object in the sky and snapped this picture when it landed briefly. Later Ernie Weaver actually showed up for the meeting.

Ernie and Kerry played a non-rated game which Ernie won. Rudy and Jerry played 2 rated games with Jerry winning the first and drawing the second by swindle.

That's it, Tournament next week.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Longer Time-Control Tournament!

I will be directing a new tournament at the club!

It will be 1 round per night/week at Game/75 with the usual 5 second

It will be 5 rounds and begin at 7:00 pm on the following evenings:
Sept. 20, 27 Oct. 4, 18, & 25. Check-in with TD (each round) prior
to 6:55 pm to be paired. Phone calls welcomed or emails prior to the day
of the game as I may not be able to check my email just prior to the round.

Entry fee is $3.00 for the entire tourney. You must be both a club and
USCF member to enter. This will be USCF rated with a chance to receive
a norm,

A Trophy or Trophies (depending on entries) will be awarded.

This will allow for a more serious game of chess and time to discuss the
game afterwards. Give me a call if you have questions!