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Sunday, January 30, 2011

NCCC Remembered

Stan Mullins called the other day and told me he was closing out the old Nelson County Chess Club's (NCCC) bank account. There was $10.00 left and Stan is generously donating it to the Elizabethtown Chess Club!

Several of the area players were members of both clubs. I remember getting an invite from Stan to go to the "Blue Dragon" restaurant in Bardstown and conduct a simul to help out his membership drive. That night, playing 11 games, I lost to Brian Lucas and Johnny Owens and gave up a draw to Ricky Coulter. For the better part of a year I took on all comers one Thursday night a month; twice I actually went undefeated. Stan sent the NCCC an e-mail after one of those occasions on 28 February 2008 when I won all 9 games. By then the Blue Dragons had moved to Bearno's Pizza and sports bar; actually the Chinese restaurant closed and Bearno's opened in it's old location. Now Bearno's is gone and Bardstown chess has been found at the Cafe Mozart, the new Public Library, and Cox's Creek Elementary School.

This game was played at the January 17, 2008 Simul; Johnny Owens conducted the "Black Forces" and was kind enough to provide me with the game score.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tactical Shots

Everyone misses a tactical shot from time to time. Sometimes we make outright blunders. Thirty-minute chess makes it difficult sometimes to see even the simplest of tactics. Take a look at move 25.R1c2. This allows the "interference" tactic 25...Nc4. 26.R7xc4 dxc4 27.Rxc4 (or 27.bxc4) and I've given the exchange back with a pawn to the good.

How about 28.Qe7? I saw this as completely winning and didn't bother looking for something that is "more" winning--like 28.Bf1. There isn't always enough time to look for best moves, especially with this time control.

But the goal is to avoid making simple blunders and do the best you can to avoid missing simple tactics, both on offense and defense.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Owens-Cubar Ladder Game

After 24.Rh4 black now has a mate in 7 starting with 24. ...Rxf2+. I only saw
it after reviewing this game with Fritz. In any case 24. ...Qe2 or 24. ...Qg5
were better than 24. ...h5?? In Game/30 events, it's very hard to see a mate in 7!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Owens Is Still At The Top Of The Ladder

No, that's not Johnny. It's his granddaughter, Lana who turned 5 years old last
week. He has been teaching her to play chess. I see a future Alabama State
Champion in the making!

Johnny defended his #1 spot on the club ladder by beating Gelvic Cubar, who challenged him tonight! Johnny has been #1 on the ladder since October 2010.

It was nice to see James Whiddon back at the club! Steve Parsons, Jerry Weldin, and Kerry Fatula were also in attendance tonight.

What do we need to do to get more of you to show up? Let me know!

Kids Chess

Kerry Fatula and I joined Denise Emberton for chess with the kids last night. Four members of the Kids Chess Club showed up and the adults, to include a father who's name I didn't catch, provided them with opponents. The youngsters were really enthusiastic about playing and even the youngest knew the rules and made moves that reflected thought and rudimentary planning. In one of my games with Luke Emberton I almost missed a mate in one that he threatened!

Join us next week if you can; I think you will find it a rewarding experience.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Rated Tournament

At least this guy had an excuse for missing the first tournament of 2011!

Just kidding; I know that those who missed the tournament had pressing "life issues" that kept them away.
The "hard core" Club nucleus braved the cold rain to play chess. The results can be found here.
Awards were presented to the 2010 Champions; 1st- Joe Farrell, 2nd Johnny Owens, and 3rd Ernie Weaver. Johnny may have pictures to post later.
Dave called in his regrets - mandatory 10 hour shifts - bummer!
Sal was sick and Rudy whimped out.
Has anyone seen Whiddon? I played chess with him on the 17th; I knew I should have let him win more than one. Wait 'till you see his new chess set!
As of tonight we have 10 "official, dues paid in full" members so far for 2011.
Next month the 2nd Tuesday Tournament will count towards qualifying for the 2011 Club Championship.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kid's Chess

Monday I attended a meeting of the "Kid's Chess Club". The Club which used to meet at the food court in the Towne Mall; now gathers at the Gamer's Edge on Monday nights from 7PM - 8PM. Gamer's Edge is located at 100 Dolphin Drive across from Kroger's. For those who remember Cali's, it is in the same little strip mall.
The new site is well lit, use of tables is free, and snacks and drinks are available for purchase. Denise Emberton is the Club's Director and has requested our support. Drop in and spend some time with the kids; they are the Elizabethtown Chess Club members of tomorrow. Brush up on your defense to the "Fried Liver" before you go!
When - Monday nights 7PM - 8PM ..........Where - Gamer's Edge - 100 Dolphin Drive.
There will be no meeting 17 January, Martin Luther King Day, due to a Scholastic Tournament in Louisville.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Meeting 11 January

Due to the snow already on the ground and the prediction for more this evening; tonight's meeting/tournament has been cancelled.

We will have the tournament next week.

Right after posting this Johnny called to tell me the college was shutting down at 6PM today. (Editor)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silent Protest? And 4 Jan Meeting Report

Photo by Anna Burtasova, russiachess.org

From left to right Tatiana Kosintseva (2581), Alisa Galliamova (2487), and Natalia Pogonia (2472).

After a three way tie in last years Russian Superfinal (Women) 1st - 3rd was decided by sudden death playoffs. Could Tatiana be silently protesting the tie break system which left her in third place?

The first meeting of 2011 reflected sparse attendance which gave those of us who did show up a chance to talk about those who didn't! LOL.

Sal looked good and was spoiling for a good game or political discussion. (I gave him both) Rudy beat Joe F. and held the win in the post mortem replay. Kerry and I rounded out the crowd. All in attendance renewed their membership and were issued new cards. Rudy received his free membership for winning the under 1400 Section of the Dec 7th Remember Pearl Harbor tournament. I became the 4th Life Member as promised.

This years Club Championship was discussed and it was decided to go back to the 2008 format. Starting with this years February Tournament we will add the scores of the participants though the November Tournament; throwing out the two lowest results. The top 4 players will then play a double round robin to determine the Club Champion. We still need to work out the time limit and whether the playoff will be held in one or two sessions. (That's why we decided to wait until February to start. This gives members who couldn't make the 4 Jan meeting a chance to get in their input.)

Please arrive early if you plan on playing in the tournament next week; we have to collect your 2011 Membership Fee of $12 prior to the tournament. See you next week!