2013 Championship

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sal Wins

The 28 June meeting brought out 7 players and produced 7 rated games as well as several 10 minute games. All the games listed below were rated.
Sal snookered Stephanie
Amy over powered Sal
Amy subdued Stephanie
Kerry hoodwinked Sal
Jerry out lasted Stephanie
Gelvic mugged Rudy
Jerry tripped up Gelvic

Everyone had a great time. And the Veteran's Tournament was discussed.

Monday, June 27, 2011

College Street Closed

Portions of College Street will be closed until September. If you usually take the By-Pass to College Street when you come to Chess Club meetings you will have to take a new route. The best way appears to be to turn onto St. John's Road and then make a left on University Street which takes you to the back of the College.
Click here to view a map of the area surrounding the College.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gelvic Wins In Louisville!

Gelvic Cubar recently won his section at a Monday Night Tournament in Louisville; bringing his rating up to 1793! Gelvic has three tournament results pending a rerating due to out of date sequence reporting; here's hoping he picks up a few more points in the rerate and becomes a Class A player! Click here for a link to X-table.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21st Club Meeting!

Six members braved the weather to play chess tonight!

In the above photo, Bob Kilmer and Rudy McKinney fought to a draw in their rated ladder game. Additionally, Johnny Owens beat Gelvic Cubar in a rated ladder game and after that game, Gelvic beat Kerry Fatula in a rated game.

Amy Nunn was also present and played an unrated game with Rudy and Johnny played an unrated game with Bob.

So, we had 3 rated games and at least 2 unrated games played tonight!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Club Championship

I was going to save the above picture of Gelfand until next year, but couldn't wait.

Ernie has updated the Club Championship and added a comment to Johnny's post about the June Rating Tournament. While Johnny and I might be leading "cumulatively" if you throw out the two lowest results of each player you will find that Johnny, Joe, Ernie, and myself are in a four-way tie with 7 points and Gelvic is only 1/2 point behind with 6.5 points. As a reminder: after the November Rating Tournament we will drop the two lowest results scored between February and November and the top 4 players will compete in a double round robin to decide the 2011 Club Champion. We are at the half way point now with more fighting chess to look forward to.

A big thanks to Ernie for keeping things updated and providing the "technical expertise" that keeps the web site going!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weldin Goes 3-0, To Win Our June 2011 Monthly Swiss

Jerry Weldin went on to beat Ernie Weaver in the above game to win all 3 of his games tonight at our monthly swiss.

We had 10 players to compete and there were alot of interesting games played.

The crosstable to tonight's event can be found here!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May-June 2011 Ladder Games Rated

We had 12 rated ladder games played since our last monthly tournament, so I decided to go ahead and submit these games for rating prior to our June monthly event. It will be re-rated as it was completed prior to the Kentucky Open and several of our club memebers played in this event and did well!

In any event the rated crosstable can be found here!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saving The Half Point

Here is the end of a game I played in the KY Open today. Both of us had ceased keeping score for a while; but the position is still etched in my mind.This is the position with White (me) to move. Can you find the trap my opponent has set for me (with about 30 seconds left on his clock) and how I saved the draw?

Clayton Wins At KY Open!

Stephanie scored 3 points, tying for 1st place in her section and winning $50! This is a repeat of last year when she won outright and got all the prize money. Steff was also the biggest point gainer as her rating jumped 175 points! That's more than Andrew P, Gelvic and myself combined. Click here to see the X-table.
Andrew and Steff played in the Under 1400, Gelvic played in the Under 1800 (and still has no clock), I tested the water in the Open Section and will try to post at least an interesting draw position from my 4th round game with a player rated 1900+.

Ernie is right Steff gained 175 points! I made the correction above. - Ed.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7 June Meeting

Kerry and Andrew P. at last years Veteran's Tournament.

Tonight Dwight Roy and Matt Allen dropped by to check us out and play a few games.(Thanks to James Whiddon) While I was playing our visitors with help from Andrew Preston and Stephanie; there were several "Ladder" and "rated" games played.
Kerry provoked Johnny - Rated
Gelvic stunned Ernie - Rated
Andrew P. schooled Stephanie - Unrated
Johnny destroyed Gelvic - Rated

Welcome Dwight and Matt! Everyone looks forward to seeing both of you again!

It was good to see Andrew P. again; he has been "deployed" with the Red Cross helping our neighbors to the west who have suffered from tornado's and flooding. Just in case those poor souls were too distraught to say it...Thanks Andrew!

Added 8 June: Andrew e-mailed me that the stories he related to me Tuesday night were from a personal visit, not official Red Cross business. I do know that Andrew manned the Red Cross Shelter when Nelson and Bullit Co's had flooding problems...so my thanks still stands,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kentucky Open - This Weekend

Last years winner IM Emory Tate.

The Kentucky Open is this weekend the 11th & 12th of June.
Where -------- St Francis High School, 233 West Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202
Registration-- 9:00AM - 9:45AM Eastern Standard Time (Eastern Time the entire event)
Rounds-------- Day 1: RD 1 - 10:00AM, RD 2 - 2:00PM, RD 3 - 5:30PM
Day 2: Rd 4 - 9:00AM, RD 5 - 2:00PM *KCA meeting between RD's 4&5
Entry Fee----- $45 + KCA dues ($3)
Time Control-- Game 90 w/5sec delay
BYE's--------- 1/2 point bye available all but last round - request NLT 2nd RD

How to get there from E-town, Radcliff, Vine Grove, Brandenburg, Bardstown, Buffalo, and Cave City if you don't have a GPS.

1. Meet Stephanie and ride with her!
1A. Get to I-65 N the way you always do.
2. Drive to Louisville and exit on #136A Broadway/Chestnut St - go 0.2 mi
3. Continue on S. Brook St <0.1 mi
4. Turn L on E Broadway (US-150) proceed 0.1 mi - St Francis is on the right
Note: Free parking is available off S.3rd St right next to St Francis.

Food is within walking distance so I've been told. I'm always in time trouble so I pack in my own lunch and drinks.

Steff took home $100.00 in prize money last year!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weldin Tops The Ladder

Tonight was another mixed bag with skittles, 10 minute games, and ladder games.
Ladder games results were as follows:
Jerry beat Rudy and moved to the #1 position - rated
Gelvic tripped up Johnny and moved to the #3 position - rated
Amy nuked Steff - no change in ladder - unrated
Gelvic ambushed Steff - no change in ladder - rated
Amy smashed Sal - no change in ladder - rated

There was talk about the upcoming KY Open. Sal is looking for a ride.