2013 Championship

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Club Championship

I was going to save the above picture of Gelfand until next year, but couldn't wait.

Ernie has updated the Club Championship and added a comment to Johnny's post about the June Rating Tournament. While Johnny and I might be leading "cumulatively" if you throw out the two lowest results of each player you will find that Johnny, Joe, Ernie, and myself are in a four-way tie with 7 points and Gelvic is only 1/2 point behind with 6.5 points. As a reminder: after the November Rating Tournament we will drop the two lowest results scored between February and November and the top 4 players will compete in a double round robin to decide the 2011 Club Champion. We are at the half way point now with more fighting chess to look forward to.

A big thanks to Ernie for keeping things updated and providing the "technical expertise" that keeps the web site going!

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