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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Googled Myself And Found This

I decided to "google" myself last week and found this game from Vol 9, No 5 of the Sept 1967 issue of the Tennessee Chess News. It contains mistakes on both sides but has my usual "entertaining sacrifices". To see the original page with my comments at the time click on Tennessee Chess News. 44 years later and I still haven't made a significant improvement in my game.


Ernie said...

Great game!

If 16...bxc4 17.Ra1 Qb3 18.Qxb3 cxb3 and I think white may have the better game. The automatic reply 17.dxc4 Rb8 looks incorrect. I would say 16...Qa5! is right.

17...b4?. Not sure about breaking the tension here.

20.Nh4?? Nxe4!. Good response! If 21.Bxe7 Qxe7 and white still has a piece hanging so this wins a pawn.

(more analysis later)

Ernie said...

23.Ng3?. The knight seems very passive here and seems out of play. It makes more sense to place it on e3 where it eyes d5. If 23...Bxe3 24.fxe3 white has more control over f4 and d4 as well as the half-open f-file.

23...Bh6 is a nice move. It prepares to defend black's pawn weakness at d6.

24.Rd2? Bf1-- An interesting choice. Black could have tried 24...Bxd2 25.Qxd2 a4 26.bxa4 Rxa4 followed by 27...Ra1.

26.h4?. I think white had to play 26.Ra2.

27...axb3. 27...a3 looks stronger, followed by 28...a2.

This is either 35...Rxg3!! or 35...Rxg3!?.

38.Bf3? Maybe it's the best of both world's. 38.Ke1 Qf2+ 39.Kd1 Bxc4.

47...Bc4!! Beautiful move in light of 48.Qxc4 Qd2+ 49.Kf1 Qe1#

Thanks for sharing the game, Jerry! Well played!

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