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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Death of a Chess Club

I It would appear that the Club has finally ran it's course and has died a slow and agonizing death. Acute apathy and natural causes should be listed as the cause of death. Acute apathy - We just couldn't sustain a nuclius of "hard core" chess players. Players who want to play chess more than anything else. Slowly but surely our ranks dwindled without a stream of new players to breach the gap. Natural causes - Manditory overtime, illness, moving away from the area, family commitments, marriage, and simular valid reasons has depleted the ranks. I have recently fallen into the ranks of those with family problems; my wife was hospitalized for 3 days in August, 17 days in September, and 4 days (so far) in October. I am now a full time care giver. Fortunately for me I have found a way to get my "chess fix" until I am able to attend meetings again. For those who want to play, I recommend contacting "members" on the Club Contact List. Call me, text, or e-mail me if you need a Contact List.


Anonymous said...

I do believe the E-town Chess Club has come to a low point as of 1 Oct. I went to the club meeting spot and no one showed up. While I'm still here I would love to continue to play chess. Hopefully members will show up for the Tuesday nigh tournament at the college.

rehabgad1 said...

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