2013 Championship

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Best Tournament I've Ever Attended

Editors note:Just got the pictures from Steff; so I'm adding this one to the post as it is more appropriate than Larry the Cable Guy which was originally used. Andrew and Kerry exemplify the image of a veteran.

Larry the "Cable Guy" would have been proud of the way the Nelson County Ladies "got her done"! Bonnie Hall, Raina Kaissiah, Stephanie Clayton, and several others who I failed to get the names of..my bad; maybe Steff can give them credit in a comment. Those gals put on a buffett that made me gain weight just by drowling at it! The meal was worth the price of the entry fee.... oops, entry fee, lunch, and take home leftovers were free to all Veterans. While I'm bragging on folks; Steve Parsons did a great job in his directing debue and Steve and Stephanie guaranteed the prize fund out of their own pockets!

I'll charish the commemoritive key chain all the veterans received as long as I'm able to push a pawn.There was also a free raffle; everyone got 5 free tickets and Kerry, Johnny, and I were amoung the winners; I think someone else from the Club also won a prize. (old age is stealing my memory) Johnny now has the biggest Knight I've ever seen.

Kentucy's "whose who" of the tournament circuit showed up to do battle. Randus Burns, Kentucky's newest Expert took clear first with our own Gelvic Cubar splitting the second place cash with Chris Bush.

E-towns own "old soldier" Andrew Preston scored a perfect 4-0! Taking home the the under 1000 section $100 first prize. I personally think it was because he was wearing his "Cav Stetson". Way to go Andrew! Brianna Barker and Raina's son Nathan Kaissiah split the $50 2nd Place money with 3 points out of 4. Imagine winning money in your first tournament; I bet Nathan gets the chess bug big time. And Brianna beat her dad while scoring her 3 points! No quarter asked...none given!

For a complete X-table click on this link

The edible chess set Steff made this year gave a whole new meaning to "capture enpassant". - This was added to the original posting. -Ed


Stephanie said...

I am so glad you all had a good time. Bonnie outdid herself and all w/ a bum knee. Cheryl Lyvers was grateful and glad to get some donations to help w/ postage for the care packages, and wants to help out w/ the food next year. Raina helped with the clean up and outdid her son in table lifting. :)Brianna and Swade along with Brandon lent a hand running errands for me. Andrea Darby and Cheryl helped Bonnie and I with the food set up and Steve Parsons not only directed the tourney, he helped get tables and chairs set up and taken down....AND he managed to entice a vendor to come and so Nathan and my friend Kelley are now sportin' new game sets.
Thanks to Jerry for donating two nice chess sets for the raffle....and Johnny, thanks for helping. I know you had to work some but I'm glad you got to play all day instead of sit out. Everyone pitched in and did something. Even Andrew Lee, who I now admit publicly is, in fact, a genius. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Everyone pitched in to do something...it's just so...AMERICAN!
I would like to offer a special thanks to our chess friends in Indiana and Louisville who drove down to play. I know several who really wanted to come play but were unable to do so. We missed you!!! Ya'll come next year!!!
Now everybody go out and hug a soldier!!!! HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY GUYS AND GALS!!

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