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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Rating Tournament

If this attractive lady had played last night we wouldn't have had to give someone a bye each round!

The November Rating Tournament has been posted but due to a "typo" during submission it was erroneously listed as being played on 9 October. Johnny will contact USCF today to clear things up and it will be "re-rated" in about a week. All the game results are correct; but the resulting ratings are not. If you want to check the X-table for results only click here. When USCF re-rates I will post a link to the corrected results.

EDITORS NOTE: After this was posted USCF decided to void the first submission and have Johnny resubmit with the correct date. The link has been updated and the ratings are now correct. -Jerry

Joe Farrell mowed down all opposition to finish with a perfect 3 point score and bring him into a tie with Johnny Owens for the Club Championship. Johnny and Joe are now 2.5 points ahead of the pack; December's tournament will be the trilling tie breaker, be sure to attend.

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