2013 Championship

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"What Was I Thinking" - 2

Here are two more examples from Master Play that shows that everyone suffers from "Chess Blindness" occasionally. And these examples weren't from Game 30's!

In the above position from Stahlberg vs Averbach - Beverwijk, 1963; the obvious move is King takes Bishop. Averbach under the illusion he was threatening mate; played Bh3. Stahlberg replied Qxh6+ with mate to follow.

Alekhine who defeated Capablanca to become the 4th Chess Champion of the World was noted for his brilliant combinations. It is hard to believe that in the above position from a game with Buerger at Margate, 1937; Alekhine as Black played Qxf4??. I'm sure his heart stopped as Buerger picked up his Knight...and probably did a flutter beat as Buerger played NxBe4??!
Probably one of the worst double blunders in Chess History!
So.....come on out to the Club and you just might be on the receiving end of an "over the board chess gift" during this Holiday Season!